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Tony Parker, Angela Hawkins (previous General Manager) and Janine Anderson are certified as registered authorised ‘Workplace Assessors’ for the ‘Skills Organisation’.


Whilst training has always been an important aspect of our business, the new Ministry of Justice requirements now in phase for Private Security Companies and Security Guards has placed our company in a strong position as we are the area’s leading N.Z.Q.A recognised trainers and assessors in Security training.


Venue Response Ltd is a registered training work place with The Skills Organisation NZ, having the capacity to train and assess in National Certificates in Security, level 2, 3 and 4.


The main incentive incorporated in learning material is about professionalism and integrity towards public, clients, customers and colleagues in all communications in conjunction with standards best practice.


The National Certificate in Security is made up of skills, practices, and procedures that is valuable to every security guard, these are all unit standard based and are registered on the NZQA Framework.


The National Certificate in Security Level 2 consists of 50 credits 


The National Certificate in Security Level 3 and 4 consists of 8 compulsory unit standards of 55 credits along with your chosen strand (depending on what you would like to specialize in)


Level 3 strands consist of:

Event Security                    15 credits

Retail Security                    15 credits

Site Security                       15 credits


Level 4 strands consist of:

Court Security                    24 credits

Mobile Patrol                     20 credits

Noise Control                    20 credits

Secure Transport              20 credits

Community Security         20 credits


Security Training

Fire Training Unit Standard 3271

Traffic Management Training - Extra-curricular

Managing Conflict Situations in a Security context Unit Standard 27360 Online Module


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