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Forestry & Farming Security

Wether your assets are sheep, cows, milk, trees, machinery or diesel we are able to protect your assets against theft, harm, damage or mitigate major loss
Camera Surevillance

Camera technology surveillance is an effective use of equipment; camera surveillance systems are able to record crucial information, have the capacity to access remotely via internet or mobile phone, and the system acts as a visual deterrent, this system can be interconnected with Venue Response Ltd or with client at their preferred location.

Rumble Sensors

SPOT (Sensor placement optimization tool) is a high-resolution, optical imaging Earths observation satellite system operating from space. With the integration of both rumble sensor and spot technology we are alerted when a vehicle has entered an unauthorized area.

Mobile Patrols & Response Units

Venue Response Ltd are able to integrate mobile patrols with the aforementioned technology or conduct random patrols.


Traffic Management

Provide Traffic Management within the forestry sector.


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